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Lava Brawl

Lava Brawl is a local multiplayer game where you have to survive as long as possible by avoiding the collapsing platforms while also fighting other players.

How to play

Play together with your friends locally behind the PC. The game supports both Xbox controller and keyboard support. We recommend using Parsec (https://parsecgaming.com/) if you want to play with your friends remote.

Power ups

Pick up power-ups while avoiding the falling platforms.

  • Freeze ray: Shoot a freeze ray, stunning other players
  • Shockwave: Smash the ground, creating a shockwave and pushing away other players
  • Pogostick: Make a jump with your pogostick
  • Lasso: Catch other players or power ups with your lasso and pull them towards you


You can play with both keyboard and Xbox controller.

  • Keyboard 1: WASD -> move, Space -> ability
  • Keyboard 2: Arrows -> move, Return -> ability
  • Controller: Joystick -> move, A-> ability


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