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The year is 1359, 35 years ago the gates of the Underworld opened. The creatures from hell invaded the overworld bringing with them death and destruction. A guild was established with the sole purpose of stopping the invasion and drive the creatures back to the Underworld. 

You play as one of the guild’s knights tasked to slay these creatures and restore peace to the overworld


You fight from floor to floor against overwhelming amount of enemies. The difficulty keeps increasing and everytime you complete a floor you'll be able to unlock a new ability. With more than 35 abilities you can customize your playstyle to your liking.

Chests containing potions / ability shards spawn randomly.


We recommend using an XBOX controller but keyboard is also supported! You could also use another controller with emulation software.

  •  Left stick/WASD to move.
  • X/Left Mouse Button to attack.
  • A/Space to jump.
  • Attack + W/Left stick up= attack up.
  • Attack + S/Left stick down = attack down.
  • Left trigger/TAB to pick up items.
  • Left trigger/TAB to use item
  • Hold left trigger/TAB to drop item

Additional ability controls are described in-game when unlocked.

The future?

We made this demo to see if people are interested in this game, we had a lot of fun creating this game and would love to continue working on it if it turns out people are interested. So please let us know if you want us to continue development!

Extra content ideas

  • Bosses
  • New areas / zones
  • Trophies
  • A lot more abilities!
  • More enemies!
  • ...

This is a demo so nothing is finished or set in stone yet, there might also be some bugs.

Thank you for playing our demo!


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What a cool game! The animation i really well-done, and the style of the character really reminds me of the ghouls and ghosts games of old. The the controls are super responsive, and it was a blast to be able to explore up to the fifth floor and fight the onslaught of monsters! Great game, congratulations guys! 


Thank you for the encouraging comment! We really enjoyed watching you play the game!


No problem! I'm glad you created the game in the first place! I look forward to see what you guys do in the future! :D